Freebitcoin clones

Let’s earn some cryptocurrencies with these freebitcoin clones. All faucets are really easy to use. Every hour just roll your lucky number and win. Everyone win! Every hour! Offers fancy ways to multiply, bet or interest your cryptocurrencies. No deposit required. Immediately withdrawal.

xmrNewest XMR faucet where you can win up to 3 XMR every hour.
Simply as parrent btc faucet. Just roll random number once per hour and cross your fingers. How much you will win depends on current XMR price. So don’t wait till Monero price hit the moon again. Start collecting the XMR right now when price is low and rewards are high! Instant withdrawal with minimum withdrawal limit 0.006 XMR +0.0005 network fee.

ltcAnother freebtc brother for LTC fans. This is freebitcoin-like faucet where you earn Litecoin every hour. Also here value of rewards depends on LTC course. Why not start right now when even lowest rewards are so high? Freeltc has minimum withdrawal limit 0.002 LTC +0.001 network fee.

ethLooking for some working ETH faucet? Stop searching and start earning. Ethereum price are going to moon so don’t miss this great opportunity to collect any ETH for yourself!
Everything here works as expected. Once per hour solve easy reCaptcha and roll lucky numbers. Wanna more? You can bet your collected ETH in favorite Multiply game or keep ETH on your account to earn from daily interest. Here’s minimum withdrawal limit 0.001 ETH +0.0004 network fee.

HashFlare Mining

HashFlareDo you want earn more bitcoins or just simple multiply your cryptocurrencies from faucets?
Mining is the right choice and don´t worry, you don´t need any mining hardware or expensive electricity bills.

HashFlare mining is #1 in cloud cryptocurrency mining since 2015. Developed by HashCoins company in Estonia. They offers a various ways to get BTC, ETH, DASH and ZEC by algorythm SHA-256, Scrypt, Ethereum, X-11, Equihash.

  • HashFlare mining is accessible to all users regardless location, age, technical experience and investments.
  • Support BTC, ETH, DASH and ZEC wallets.
  • Clear dashboard in 11 languages with detailed statistics, settings and calculator.
  • Selectable mining pools.
  • Extremely low maintenace fees.
  • Very good ROI 240% per Year.
  • 10% referral bonus.
  • Consistent payments via Credit Card, Wire transfer, Web Money, Peyeer, Bitcoin or EMC.

Genesis Mining

gm_ls-bit-banners_240x400pxLet me introduce another cloud mining company as best way to multiply your cryptocurrencies.

Best cloud mining awards are divided between HashFlare and Genesis Mining. Both are great but Genesis have some cool features for some users who want spend altcoins to get more bitcoins.

That´s true! Here You can spend your dogecoins and litecoins from faucets for valorization and earn more bitcoins and other altcoins.

Genesis Mining offers extraordinary conditions for cloud mining BTC, UNO, BTCD, DASH, LTC, DOGE, ZET and ZEC. Automatic daily payouts, ROI 166%. You can buy SHA-256, X11 or Ethereum algorithm via credit card, bitcoin, dash, litecoin or dogecoin.

Genesis Mining has regular seasons and discounts from vouchers. Well, here you have one:


Use this code with registration and get 3% off for your first order.

Moon Dogecoin, Dash & Litecoin

There are another cryptocurrency alongside Bitcoin. Three most important cryptocurrencies of these days are Dash, Dogecoin and Litecon and we have good news: You can also earn them for free!
Do you remember famous and fabulous BTC faucet Moon Bitcoin? He has three brothers and all allow you to be rich someday in near future.

Moon is clone of popular Moon Bitcoin faucet. Just simple enter your Dogecoin adress only and earn Dogecoins each 5 minutes. Faucet Moon Dogecoin offers another bonuses to your basic claim. Daily loyalty bonus (each day of your actvity +1% bonus up to 100%), bonus of your active referrals and random Mystery Bonus up to 100%.

Moon is 3rd faucet from “moon family”. And it is same as another: Enter your litecoin wallet adress only and earn thousands of litoshi each 5 minutes. There are also some bonuses that give you up to 100% from daily loyalty, up to 100% from active referrals and up to 100% by Mystery bonus. Withdrawals from 500 000 litoshi every weekend with no fee!

200x200Moon Dash is last one faucet from Moon. It is modern and redesigned new version of popular faucets. Moon Dash offers also great bonuses like another moon faucets: Up to 100% from loyalty for daily earns, up to 100% by number of invited referrals and also Mystery bonus- random up to 100% of your regular claim. Claims are send to your CoinPot account. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0002 dash and there are NO FEE for your withdrawals!

Don´t waste your chance for easy and simple earning of Dogecoins, Dashcoins and Litecoins!

Moon Bitcoin – Claim Every 5 minutes!

moon bitcoin is new bitcoin faucet with original concept.

Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, MoonBitcoin faucet allow you to claim as often or as little as you like.

You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away!

The faucet will gradually fill up – quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time – until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim.

Payments from are sent every weekend to your Bitcoin wallet.

Satoshi will grow even if you turn off your computer and come back next day to claim accumulated amount 😉

moonbitcoin100 is a great site. Once you register, you’re able to ‘play the game‘ every hour, which gives you a shot to win free bitcoin. Playing the game consists of entering a captcha check, which rolls the dice, and wins you either a small (or large) amount of bitcoin. It seems as though most of the time when you roll, you win a small amount of bitcoin.


coinurl-logoCoinurl is a Bitcoin cost-per-click network and URL shortener.
Coinurl is a site that pays its members to shorten and share links, and to display PPC ads on their site (like adsense). Users are paid exclusively in BitCoin

Two ways to earn Bitcoins:

CoinURL offers contextual banner advertisement that you will need to place on your website and get paid for clicks much like Google AdSense.

Second way to get Bitcoins is shorten URL via CoinURL shortener. You can add plugin to your Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser and shorten URLs  by one click. You can short also warez and porno URLs. Maximim limit is 10.000 adresses per day.Every click is counted and reported to smart statistic in you dashboard.

CoinURL is smart way to monetize your content!